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Integrating with Allara Global LMS

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To integrate with Allara Global LMS please reach out to your Allara Global representative. Allara will set up the integration for you.

The Allara / integration syncs key information between your platform and the Allara Global Learning Management System (LMS), at timed intervals:

  1. New Users - Each data refresh will push new employees that have been onboarded that day through to the LMS.

  2. User Updates - When employee information changes in, such as name and email address, changes will be reflected in the LMS.

  3. Course Completions - Course completions in the LMS will be recorded in as a qualification, against each user.

  4. Archive Users - Deactivated users in are reflected in the LMS. If an employee returns to work, their account gets re-activated in the LMS.

New User Creation

The integration captures the following key employee information:

  • Email address - This also doubles as username in the LMS.

  • First and last name.

  • Default venue/location (via default payroll team in

  • Department & Department ID – Departments are assigned based on the default team in

  • Employment Status - Active, archived or terminated.

  • Employee ID - Used to connect employee data between the two

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