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vSure Integration

Automating Visa Entitlement Checks (VEVO) into with vSure

Updated over a week ago

vSure automates Right To Work checks, streamlining onboarding (including Visa Checks and Proof of Citizenship) and automating temporary visa monitoring.

vSure updates visa information back into TANDA as a Right To Work qualification, eliminating manual VEVO checks and ensuring TANDA is always up-to-date.

The qualification is updated against the team members profile indicating what type of working rights the person holds along with a pdf copy of the rights check issued by vSure.

These qualifications can then be used to block employees from being scheduled, along with notifications in relating to expiry information.

For more information on qualification functionality in take a look at our article: Upload Qualifications, Licenses and Certifications

The vSure integration also pulls back terminations/inactive staff from TANDA to automatically stop visa monitoring.

Contact vSure via if you are interested in integrating the service and they will provision it for you.

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