Senpos Integration

How to integrate Senpos with

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Sync demand data from Senpos into your account. Demand data provides useful insights for scheduling, forecasting and supporting data driven decisions for frontline managers.

How it works

  • Senpos automatically exports data into every 15 minutes

  • Exported data is broken down into separate datastreams in based on your Senpos terminals and a category split if you so choose

How to connect

Contact Senpos support to provision the integration for you. You may have to provide them with access to your account to set up the integration.

Once you have data in from Senpos you will need to configure your datastreams to link the sales data you want reporting and forecasting against the relevant teams (e.g. Public Bar sales linked to your Public Bar team/s in The article below explains this process. Contact support for more detailed guidance if you need.

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