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Dashboard Overview

See what's happening in your business with the Dashboard

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The Dashboard is the first screen you see when you login to and a great way to see what's happening in your business. It contains mini boards or widgets which have different information, links or activities to help you get the most out of

Some widgets will take you to other areas in to complete actions, but you can always find your way back here by clicking on Dashboard in the header of your account:

Depending on your role, the Dashboard customizes its view to suit you. Admins will have access to managing Time Clocks and seeing who has logged in and Managers will be able to see who is at work and Leave to be approved.

Customize view

To move the location of widgets on your Dashboard, hover over a heading until you see the 4-arrows and then click and drag the widget to the new location

To remove a widget, click the eye icon in the top right-hand corner of the widget

To Add back a removed widget, click 'Add Widget' and select the widget from the available list

Dashboard Widgets

What Should I Work On?

  • Admins can use the Setup Checklist to step through how to setup an account

  • All users can use the Task List for reminders of activities to be completed, however not all activities will be visible to every user:

Live Wage Tracker

The Live Wage Tracker displays your staff count and wage spend throughout the day. The costs displayed are your earnings interpreted wage costs including penalty rates and overtime, but excluding allowances, on-costs, and leave.

If your managers cannot see costs, they will only see the Staff Count view.

Live Insights

The Live Insights widget combines live sales from point-of-sale systems with the Live Wage calculations of the Live Wage Tracker. You can report in real time, or look back at previous days.

How to begin using Live Insights

If you use one of our supported POS systems (listed below), the Live Insights widget will begin to populate with data once you have integrated your POS system.

Day so far

  • Accrued wages and accrued sales

  • Day so far Wage % of Revenue or SPLH (change this via the cog in the top right corner)

Staff information

  • Change between staff count or wage costs

  • See a graph of your live Wage % of Revenue or SPLH

  • Toggled scheduled comparison on/off

Live Time Clock Feed

Once you've added a Time Clock to your account and your first employee has clocked-in, this widget will populate with information about your staff's clock-ins.

  • All users will be able to view this widget on the Dashboard, however Team Managers will only see their Teams:

Who’s In Today

This widget gives you a live attendance report for which employees are at work right now. You can also see upcoming and completed shifts as well as people who are absent, early, late or on leave.

  • All users will be able to view this widget on the Dashboard, however Team Managers will only see their Teams:

Our Time Clocks

This widget displays the Time Clocks linked to your account and their status. You can also add further Time Clocks and manage your existing, such as changing the name or linked Location.

Who's Using

This widget shows Admins when a user last logged in to

Weekly Planner

This widget helps manage Wage Costs by giving a snapshot of the Total Cost of the daily Schedule, Timesheets and the Variance. Revenue data can also be linked to report on the Wage % of Revenue:

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