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Shift Feedback Dashboard

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You've been encouraging your staff to frequently leave shift reviews and be honest to better your teamwork and morale? That's awesome! What is even more awesome, is that now you can have all that data visualized right on your Dashboard and easily accessible.

The new dashboard is now available, and you can see employee feedback/sentiment through a period you want to review. The dashboard will also scope to an individual’s permission level.

The dashboard allows you to see data from the default Shift Feedback report:

  • Sentiment over time

  • A total count of positive v. negative

  • What areas employees feel went well or poorly during a shift

To add the Shift Feedback Dashboard to your account:

  • Navigate to Settings in the top right-hand corner and then to Customize.

  • In the Customize section, click on the Reports view.

  • Scroll a bit down until you find Shift Feedback Dashboard, click on the + to add it to your Dashboard.

  • Once you've done that, go to Reports > BI Reporting:

  • Find the Shift Feedback Dashboard in the Built-in Reports and click on it.

  • Tick the Show on dashboard box, and customize other settings based on your preferences. Finally, click Update down below.

The Shift Feedback Dashboard is now available as soon as you log into your account, and you can see your employee's feedback and sentiment!

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