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Processing your holiday payroll before period end
Processing your holiday payroll before period end

How to process payroll in before the period ends.

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During the festive season, it is common that you will look to process your pay-run prior to period end. This guide will step you through how to do this.

Step 1: Ensure all shifts and leave requests that you want to pay for the period have been approved. If any shifts for that pay period have a start/finish time but are left unapproved, that employee's timesheet will not be exported.

This step may mean manually completing shifts for hours that staff will work, or manually entering Bank Holiday Paid/Not Worked leave requests. (the automated leave type will apply at 11 pm on the day of the bank holiday). As automated leave types cannot be applied manually, you would need to create a new Bank Holiday Leave Type if this is something that you would like to complete. Manage Time Off types here.

Step 2: You can now export timesheets as you normally would.

Note: This error will appear, however it is just a soft warning. If you click 'Export to Payroll Software' your timesheets will export as normal.

Happy Holidays from Team!

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