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Applying Allowances and Shift Tags to Timesheets
Applying Allowances and Shift Tags to Timesheets

Pay staff allowances, and use shift tags to fit earnings rule conditions such as higher duties

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This guide will detail how to apply allowances, and use shift tags to apply certain earnings rule conditions, such as higher duties. These rules need to be configured correctly to ensure they will apply. See the articles below for assistance.


Allowance rules can be applied to timesheets either manually or automatically. The details are dependent on the rules set inside of a Earnings Rule template, or the information configured in Custom Allowances.

To check or apply Allowances on a Timesheet, head to Timesheets in the navigation bar and selecting one of the options:

Automatic Allowances

You can check how an Automatic Allowance is applying, by checking below the individual shift on the Timesheet:

Additionally, at the bottom of the Timesheet you will see this information in the Timesheet Export Summary:

You won't be able to edit or remove an automatic allowance. If it shouldn't be applied to an Employee, you may be able to remove it from their profile by going to Workforce > Staff > going into the relevant employee's profile > Payroll tab.

Manually add an Allowance

To add an Allowance, hover over the word Allowances and you'll see a blue + Add appear, click on this:

This will open the Allowance pop-up. Simply select the Allowance name from the drop-down, specify the units and click Save Allowances:

You will then see the Allowance and units entered below the shift and in the Timesheet Export Summary at the bottom of the Timesheet, if you are in Weekly/Fortnightly Timesheets.

If you need to edit the units entered, just click on + Add and the pop-up window will display again where you can edit what's entered. You can also remove the Allowance in here as well, by clicking on Clear:

Shift Tags

Some earnings rules have a condition that means they can only apply when they're selected as a 'shift tag' on a timesheet.

The first step is to categorize staff according to their classifications (full time, part time, casual etc). We can also use this tool to add the tags that have been created through earnings rules to staff.

After staff are assigned the tags set out in earnings rules, you need to make sure that we have the option to use shift tagging on timesheets.

To ensure this is enabled, go through the cog to Settings > All Settings > View all timesheet settings > Show Advanced Settings:

It's always wise to confirm that the staff then have the tag enabled on their profile. This will look different depending if you're on a Earnings Rule Template or a Custom Setup, however the best way to check is Workforce > Staff > Choose Staff member > Payroll. Under either Allowances and Penalties or Earnings Rule classifications there should be the option to click and reveal a list of tags:

If you have used the bulk tagging tool, whatever tag you selected will be there already. Alternatively, you can also just tag staff here.

All that's left to do is apply the tags on timesheets. Because we have the extra dropdown to show earnings tags ticked, all timesheets will now have a second box appear like this:

When selected, the earnings rule that is linked to the shift tag will now apply for that shift.

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