Measure costs against your budget

Keep wage costs under control by tracking against your budget

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Entering a Labor Budget into enables you to track schedule and timesheet costs against your budget. Labor budgets can be entered directly into your dashboard weekly planner, or imported from a spreadsheet.

Enabling this feature: To make your labor budget visible in your account, firstly enable Labor Budgets in Settings > Rota or Schedule settings > Labour budgets.

Entering budgets on the Weekly Planner

Labor budgets are entered as daily amounts on your dashboard weekly planner.

Things to note:

  • Budgets can be entered per team or per location using the location filters

  • This method is a fast way to enter your current and next week’s budget - for longer time periods see the import option below

Importing budgets from a spreadsheet in 5 steps

Step 1: Download the budget template: In your account navigate to Integrations > Demand Data Integrations > CSV (Manual Import) > Import data.

On the next screen you will see a link to download the labor budget Labor Budget CSV template, or download the template here

Step 2: Enter your daily budget into the 'Data Point' column. Give your budget a Name in the 'Data Stream Name' column (this helps you identify the budget if you have multiple)

Step 3: Copy the Time, Date and Data Type fields to ensure each row contains all fields

Step 4: Save your spreadsheet as a .CSV filetype and follow the instructions on the 'Import data' page to import the spreadsheet to

Note: you won't need to update Time or Data Type - just make sure these fields are copied to every row that contains a Data Point.

Your completed spreadsheet should look like this:



Data Point

(Enter your daily Labor Budget in this column)

Data Type

Data Stream Name

(Enter a name for your budget in this column)




Labour Budget

Labor Budget (Sydney Store)




Labour Budget

Labor Budget (Sydney Store)




Labour Budget

Labor Budget (Sydney Store)

Step 5 (Final Step): Assign your budget to Locations or Teams

Labor budgets can be assigned to Locations or to specific Teams.

In your account navigate to Integrations > Manage Data Streams. You will see the Labor Budget data-stream that you named earlier.

Assign the data-stream to a Location if the budget should apply to the entire location


Assign the data-stream to Team(s) if the budget applies to a single team or group of teams

Comparing costs to your budget in

You can compare costs to your budget in two places:

Compare Schedule costs to budget when building Schedule

Labor budget is visible when scheduling as a schedule stat:

Compare timesheet costs to your budget on the weekly planner:

Once shifts have been worked you can see how you're tracking against your schedule on the Weekly Planner dashboard widget:

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