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Schedule faster with templates
Schedule faster with templates

Learn how to copy entire schedules, create templates, shift patterns, regular hours of work, add breaks

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Most users will use one of the below methods to build schedules. You can combine multiple methods.

For example: you can use 'Fill from regular hours of work' to apply shifts for your permanent employees, then use a template for your casual shifts.


Useful when...

Schedules are based on a prior schedule.

2. Schedule Templates

You have predictable staffing requirements but some or all of the employees that work the shifts change each schedule.

You have employees working a rotating schedule, e.g. 4 days on 4 days off.

Scheduling permanent employees work the same hours each week.

Copying a Schedule

To copy a schedule:

  • Select Copy Shifts from the icon in the top bar

  • Specify the day/s to copy from and the day/s copying to

  • Confirm Paste Shifts

Creating a Schedule Template

To create a schedule template, you can start from scratch or use an existing Schedule.

  1. Open to any Schedule.

  2. Select Templates from the top bar

  1. Click + New Template

  2. To start from scratch select Create a Blank Template, or to create a template from an existing schedule select Create Template from Currently Visible Shifts.

  3. Specify the template name, included locations, start date, and length. This can be edited later if desired.

After building your first template, you can edit the template any time by selecting > Edit Template.

Editing a template works the same way as building a schedule. When editing templates you will see an orange bar at the top of the schedule to let you know you are editing a template.

To apply this template to your schedule, select the template you wish to apply and click the "Apply" button. This will open the next screen allowing you to pick the day that the template should start applying from. (The template will end after the length is met).

When the start day is selected we can choose to exclude teams from the template application, and review the changes the template will make. If there are shifts that exist in the application period you will be prompted to choose if you would like to remove or keep those existing shifts. Once this is actioned you can click apply and wait for the shifts to publish to the schedule.

If you're not able to see some of these options, you will either have to change your permissions, or be allocated the manager role of the team you'd like to apply templates for.

Deleting a Schedule Template

You can delete a schedule template by going to Schedule Templating settings and clicking the "Delete Template" option.

  1. Open to any Schedule.

  2. Select Templates from the view menu

  3. Click on the template you'd like to delete

  4. Select "Delete Template"

5. Accept the warning that this request will permanently delete your template.

If you're not able to see some of these options, you will either have to change your permissions, or be allocated the manager role of the team you'd like to apply templates for.

Creating Shift Patterns

To create a shift pattern:

  1. Select Quick Build > Schedule Patterns from the schedule sidebar.

  2. Select Edit Patterns.

  3. Click 'Edit Patterns' and '+ Add New Pattern'.

  4. Specify pattern details, including name, anchor date (the date the pattern comes into effect), and length.

To add an employee to a pattern:

  1. Open the relevant pattern.

  2. Click '+ Add User'.

  3. Select a user.

  4. Specify details of the employee's schedule pattern, including shift details, start date, end date, and days offset. 'Days Offset' represents the day of the pattern the employee is starting on. For example, an employee starting on the second week of a two week cycle would have a day offset of 8.

  5. Confirm Save and Close.

  6. Repeat for all employees needing to be scheduled on this pattern.

To apply a shift pattern:

  1. Select Schedule Patterns from the schedule sidebar.

  2. Select + Build Shifts and select the Schedule Pattern you would like to apply

  3. Build Shifts

Schedule Regular Hours of Work

To set Regular Hours of Work:

  1. Go to Workforce > Staff

  2. Click on a staff profile

  3. Click on the Pay Conditions & Regular Hours tab

  4. Click Make a Change

  5. Input agreed hours, breaks, and teams

To apply Regular Hours to a Schedule:

  1. Select Quick Build from the schedule sidebar

  2. Expand Regular Hours

  3. Click '+ Build Shifts'.

Automatic Breaks

Enable automatic breaks:

  1. Navigate to Settings > All Settings

  2. Select Shift Breaks

  3. Tick 'Enable Automatic Breaks'.

  4. Specify who the breaks will apply to, and whether or not the break is paid.

  5. Multiple rules can be created for different employee types by selecting + New and adding in the relevant rules

Manual Breaks:

To configure manual breaks:

  1. Click on the break icon (teacup) located on the relevant shift card.

  2. Select + Add Break OR click the ⋮ on the shift card followed by Edit Breaks.

  3. Enter the break start and end times

Break details will be communicated to staff when publishing the schedule.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

How much does an SMS cost?

SMS charges are 3.5 cents AUD per message, which is the amount charged by our supplier. These costs can be avoided by encouraging everyone to download the app.

What if an employee doesn't have the mobile app installed?

If 'mobile app' is the only method of delivery selected and the employee does not have the app, the schedule will be sent as an email instead.

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